The mouth is our means of eating, speaking and showing emotion. It is also a major factor in our general appearance. In the diseased state the mouth can cause poor general health, pain, infection, contribute to heart disease, exacerbate diabetes and many other health problems. Occasionally people will find that their personality changes when they are uncomfortable with their smile.

Most people want to be comfortable, attractive, healthy, able to chew well, and keep their own teeth all of their lives. All of these are possible when you become a patient at Imperial Valley Dental, but it takes careful planning and committment. Therefore we try to establish mutual long term dental goals and begin working toward them at your convenience.

We will always prioritize your dental health concerns, for you to receive the best care we are able to provide. Emergency problems are cared for first, then we can plan for any corrective treatment your mouth may need. A thorough head, neck and mouth examination, medical history review, x-rays and occasionally plaster models are essential to you receiveing a proper diagnosis. We will show you how to effectively clean your mouth to aid in preventing disease. Only then will we begin a mutually acceptable restoration program.